Phil JL Robert took up the guitar at 13 and decided to become a musician.
At 16, he was giving his first rock concerts around his home town of Marseille with the rock-band Stormbringer’s band.
At 20, he was offered his first professional contract at the Sergeant Peppers club for four months, where he played Beatles songs with a band.
At 21, he went to Boston to take course at Berklee College of Music. When he returned to France he worked for two years as a guitarist and then moved to Los Angeles to take classes at the Musician Institute, where he played alongside prominent musicians such as Joe Diorio, Joe Pass or Scott Henderson.



When he returned to France, Phil JL Robert carried on working as a musician and hung around with the Brazilian and African crowd. He enrolled for jazz classes at the Conservatory,and came out top of the class in 1992.
In 1994, Phil JL Robert moved to Paris and started recording a solo album (which was launched by Night & Day in 1996) and was faced with Parisian musicians. He made new contacts in this musical circle and started playing with his group in clubs and also with West Indian and African musicians.
He wrote educational articles for the guitar magazine Guitar & Bass. He contributed to the « Music Academy International » and was in charge of the world music program.

Live, Radios, Tv show

2017 February 13 : Radio Alpes Mancelles

2017 March 16 :  TV Show recording for INA avec "les Jumeaux de Masao"

2017 April 07 : Radio France Bleu Maine at Sophie Thomas "Tartines et Confidences Show"

2017 July 08 : Live concert at Musée de l'Homme- Paris with "les Jumeaux de Masao & Régina Ribeiro"





Phil JL Robert worked with :

Coco Mbassi, Henry Dickongué,
Manu Dibango, Raul Paz, Jerho
Noel Ekwabi, Remy Chaudagne,
Julio Rakoto, Philippe Sellam
Roberto Chavez, Zeluis Nascimento,
André Charlier, Davy Honnet
Felix Sabal Lecco, Jeff Ludovicus,
Maurice Manancourt
Xavier Desandre Navarre,
Pierre Acourt, Philippe Gonnand
Anthony Honnet, Olivier Freche...
and many other great musicians.


World Music : Coco Mbassi, MasaoTwins, Henri Dikongué, Wa-Zimba, Roberto Chaves single...

Rock : Bismak, several rock projects for guitar & bass magazin...

Jazz & Fusion : Phil Robert Groupe, Remy Chaudagne, Big Tuna, The 3Kindred Spirit, Sarah Khider ...

Pop Singer : Nina Valentin

And lots of music for Commercials Videos, TvMovies, Commercial Radio spot, also carried out various music projects for FEEL-TIME MUSIC 's productions as music manager.


2016 -2017
Master-Class at Music Academy Intenational


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