Phil JL ROBERT BoOgAloO Band

26 / 01/ 2025 Théatre de Longjumeau / France

16/ 05/ 2025 Espace Culturel de Villeneuve le Roi / France

23-24/ 05/ 2025 Salle A.Malraux, Fleury Merogis / France

Hot new album
out early next year

Phil. Robert : Guitar, Composition, Production
Featuring : Melvin Clairault : Vocals, Lyrics

Davy Honnet : Drums
Xavier Desandre Navarre : Percussions
Anthony Honnet : Hammond B3
Philippe Sellam : Saxophones Alto & Baryton
Yves Le Carboulec : Trumpet
Guillaume Grosso : Saxophone Baryton
Nicolas Benedetti : Trombone Tenor & Bass
François Morin : Trombone

C'etait en 2023

MasterClass Boogaloo au DEM de LIMEIL BREVANNES OCT 2023

On Street :
28 Oct 2022 CD & Streaming
10 Janv 2023 Vinyle

Phil. Robert : Guitare, Composition et Production

Davy Honnet : Batterie
Xavier Desandre Navarre : Percussion

Anthony Honnet : Hammond B3

Cedric Hanriot : Hammond B3
Hippolyte Fevre : Trompette & flûte
Philippe Sellam : Saxophones Alto & Baryton
Philippe Gonnand : Saxophone Tenor
Guillaume Grosso : Saxophone Baryton
Nicolas Benedetti : Trombone
François Morin : Trombone

Melvin Clairault :Chant, Parolier
Chloé Paul & Kate Quelin :Chœurs


Phil. Robert :
Guitar, Composition, Production

Davy Honnet :Drums
Xavier Desandre Navarre :Percs
Anthony Honnet : Hammond B3
Philippe Sellam : Saxophones
Nicolas Benedetti : Trombone
Hippolyte Fevre :Trumpet, flute
MC Melvin Clairault : Vocals

Boogaloo Spirit

This musical creation is inspired by Boogaloo and Jump music, fruit from the joyous and colourful Caribbean and African Jazz heartland.
Although Boogaloo was born in Duke Ellington’s 1930s, the movement’s heyday was in New York at the end of the 60s. Among the more emblematic figureheads were Ray Charles, Rusty Bryant, Ivan Joe Jones and Pete Terrace. The flame was carried on via memorable cinema cameos by singer-songwriters such as Isaac Hayes and Lalo Schiffrin.


Twenty years after the release of his first solo album, Phil Robert directs this musical fusion with all the experience gleaned from his writings, arrangements and artistic direction projects.
All tracks were recorded at the Splendid Recording Studio, the Feel-Time Studio and the Philippe Labroue Studio.
Releasing this album on vinyl is both an artistic choice and a technical challenge.
The fragile black record is an object of pleasure that becomes ever more precious through time, just like this project itself.

On Stage

In its full format, the show includes eight musicians, a V-Jay and an MC who uses the spoken word to fortify the link with the audience.
The V-Jay’s interactive images are the visual extension of the artistic spiritualism. It’s an invitation to continue the harmonious journey in communion, where music and the MC’s “soul” bond together with the firm intention of reinventing a new chapter in musical history each and every evening.